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I've been meaning to sign up for the 100 things meme for weeks now, but didn't know what the hell I was going to do. Anyway, it finally occured to me.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
I've decided to make it, in a nutshell, 100 recipes. Thing is, it won't always be a "recipe", because half the time I make shit up and don't have set measurements, but I'll do my best, and link to existing recipes where I can.

The other thing is, I'm breaking it into 50 things I've made, and 50 things I want to make. Probably. That part isn't definite, we'll see how we go, because part of the reason is to get me back in the kitchen and playing around more, but my free time is limited, so I may have to settle for "I want to make this".

Final thing, is I'm a shit photographer. I'm no good, and I don't have a good camera. If there happens to be a photo I take of food that I like, I'll put it up, otherwise, anything else is taken by someone else (credit will of course, be given).

So, let it commence!

For this week, I'm going with the Easy Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls by Darla over at Bakingdom.
photograph by Darla, at Bakingdom, 2011

When she says easy, she means easy. The most difficult thing about making these rolls is rolling them- since the dough has to be sticky- and trying not to eat them so quickly. Everything else is done in two blinks, pretty much. I love baking, but I hate standing around and spending forever making stuff, so this is one of my favourite recipes because it's so fast.

So, did I do anything different to the recipe? Why yes, yes I did.

First, I make them in my springform pan, so it's really easy to get to them once they're baked. I just unclip everything, and shift onto a plate. I think it looks nicer than a cake pan, but it depends on the cake pan I suppose. 

it's very possible that I just don't own a cake pan like that ^^.

Also, since my sister is gluten intolerant, I make them gluten free, and they still taste superb. Though, I'm also kind of putting that down to the best GF flour there is out there, White Wings, which pretty much tastes like normal flour, and not that weird taste some GF flours have. I've also done it before with walnuts, because I thought I had pecans only to find out they'd been eaten as a snack, and the walnut goes fantastic with the maple syrup.

I also don't make the glaze, because I don't need that much sugar in my diet, and these taste just beautiful without them. Oh yeah, that's the whole reason I'm posting this recipe: they taste amazing. Want to eat them forever amazing.

In fact, I've found that you can cut between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of the brown sugar from the filling, and it's not detrimental. I also put just somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of maple syrup in the dough, and it's fine.

Pretty much the only thing I don't change is eating them warm. I admit they're pretty good room temperature, even straight out of the fridge if I'm a hurry, but they're much better warm, so if you make these, and you manage to have leftovers, heat them up again, and make yourself tea to go with it :)

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