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Things that happened in the last however many months:

I dropped out of uni (accidentally, through a series of misunderstandings and me not being bothered to fix them), and I feel so much happier for it.

I'm working (technically casual, but it's like a 35-40 hour work week) as the front desk of a guest house in my local area. I'm also doubling as the manager-during-the-week. It's pretty awesome, and I love it for the most part, since I kinda really don't like other people.

I've moved out of home!!!!! For the first time in my life I am not living with my parents. It feels pretty great, because for a while there I was feeling like I couldn't live there any more. My parents and I get on great, but I really needed this move. I don't yet have internet at my new house, so I'm leeching off the work wifi when I can. I'm hoping that without internet, I may write a little more, rather than read all the time.

Got myself a new batch of friends, to replace the ones that seem to have forgotten I exist, and was once a friend.

And finally, and the main reason that I haven't written anything, posted, commented on stories or journal entries even though I've read them, is that for all I'm at my happiest and most content than I have been in a while, my mood is on a real down. Like, depression episode down. Zero motivation, want-to-be-on-happy-making-meds down. (Also, I didn't like my springfling submission [though thank you so much to the people who did like it!] so I haven't posted it here.)

It really, truly sucks. So it'll probably be a few months till you next hear from me (in fact, it'll probably be November, since I signed up for and shall resurface for reversebang again) because I'm still getting over my best friends abandoning me.

vid rec!

Dec. 29th, 2011 07:56 pm
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In all honesty, I could rec [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream's vids every single time a post goes up, she's that amazing and creative. But this is extra special. This is one of those vids that nearly makes you cry (or hell, you might) because it reminds you just how tangled up in each other the Winchester's are- how being brothers trumps everything.

So go, watch!
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My modem died. Until the new one (finally) arrives, I am without internet. Currently, I am getting this message to you via the university computers. You have no idea how lost I am without it, and how much LJ stuff I'll be catching up on once I get it back.



Aug. 15th, 2010 08:05 pm
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Personal Effects by [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedliz . NC-17, RPS- J2AU, 16,000+ Words.

Summary: Jensen is deaf and has been struggling to connect with other people all his life, even more so in the wake of his beloved dad's death. Jared is struggling to cope following the murder of his twin sister. Grief brings them together, binds them tight and gives two teenaged boys hope where before they only had their anger. That is until a dangerous misunderstanding threatens to shatter their future together.

It's just absolutely beautiful. I cried all throughout the second part (and a little bit of the first).
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What up eljay? Howz it bin hangin?

In the world of Music )
Secondly, I'm continuing with that abandoned meme :)

Meme! And pictures. )

Finally, come next week, I'm headed to the G.P for a referral.

the crap going on with me. )

And after all that I got two credits and two distinctions this semester for uni. That's usually what I get, and though I was kind of disappointed in one of my credits (I don't know where I went wrong with it), I'm pleasantly surprised that I got a distinction in a class for which I did not attend ANY lectures, and my highest mark was in my statistics class, which is the bane of most people's existence.
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Tiny little me has a HUGE favour to ask the miniscule flist I have.

See, here in Australia, we're already behind on Season 5 Supernatural airing. At first, it was okay, because Channel Ten had set it up so that when episode 11 kicked in in America, we'd only be a week behind.

Then, they changed the programming so that Stargate: Universe aired 8.30, followed by Supernatural 9.30. Ratings dropped. Like ants at insecticide. Ratings evidence showed that once Stargate: Universe was placed before Supernatural, an ratings dropped on Stargate, ratings dropped by at least 200,000 on Supernatural as well. So Ten pulled them both off air. Kicker is... the houses that contain the ratings boxes is an EXTREMELY small sample (2000-3000 in a city of approximately 4.4 million) and very accurately do NOT reflect the amount of people religiously watching the show (for an example, check out the turnout for the Australian All Hell Break Loose 2009 convention and then remember that's only a small percentage of fans. Some people, like me, were not able to go). 

Now, it's been nearly four weeks of no Supernatural, and Ten claims they haven't pulled it completely, but just until they find another schedule for it (in its place, are feature movies. 8.30 monday night, repeat feature movies).

This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. Just about every year we have problems with SPN programming and it's kinda got to the point that the Aussie fans have snapped. We've got a petition running now, and are on approximately 350 people signed, but we don't have the resources to properly advertise and get our numbers up.

So here's the link : http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/bring-supernatural-back-to-channel-ten.html and it'd be oh-so-very-much brilliant if you guys could add your name to it, and maybe leave a little comment showing your support of our cause. Australian fans are always going to be the most influential in this case, but it'd help if they could see that fans everywhere are in agreement with us on this.

And if you can, pass on the message. Especially to other Australians on your flists incase they don't know or haven't signed up yet.  It'd be mighty helpful. We're just so tired of complaining. After a while, it just seems so bratty and psycho (and believe me, it seems psycho), but a lot of us are just so sick of Ten's misuse of a television program.

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So I signed up.

Oh, Christ...

On another note, I'm almost finished an original fiction that was for a Notebook in Hand challenge, but couldn't finish on time, so it should be posted within the next few days. Fingers crossed.
And my moods have been all over the place. Part of it is exhaustion- I've been working six out of seven nights for the past two weeks and it's just taking it's toll- I was so tired yesterday I cried because my mother didn't tell me she was coming home instead of going out. Yeah, I know.
And I found out recently that my best friend from uni isn't coming back this year because she needs to work so once it starts back up I have to go through the whole "making friends" process all over again.

And today has just been waay to hot. Over 40 degrees celsius, which translates to 104 degrees Farenheit. It's insane. It's now nearly eight o'clock pm, and though the temperature has dropped, there are cold things I still need: I have one ice cold cloth draped over each leg, another ice cold cloth alternating between my stomach and the back of my neck, and an ice pack tucked in under my bra clasp. I'm melting.



The munchkins would be pleased.  
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I always get such an adrenaline rush when I finish a fiction. :D
Five things.
Rating: PG-13; Gen.
Characters: Dean, John, and a bit of Sam (with a side mention of Jess and an OMC and OFC)
Words: 955
Warnings: mention of character death. spoilers only if you haven't seen up to 2.01.
A/N: Mostly pre-series. One of those "five things person 'A' knew about..." kind of thing. I guess you could say the whole title is Five things John never realised Dean knew. Anyway.
Disclaimer: I'm such a good girl, but Santa as never brought me them to claim as my own.

Summary: Dean knows his father. As well as he knows Sam. John never knew that.



Five things. )

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So, the most amazing thing happened today.... [info]mimblexwimble posted her SPN Bigbang entry.
Why is this amazing? Because I supplied the prompt, that was originally for a short Christmas present in 2008. Eight months on, it's done. And posted. And thirty-five thousand words.

And it's a stunning piece of fiction.

It's emotive and haunting and slightly depressing (which happens to be how I like them) and is a masterpiece of writing. By far the best story of hers... and the best of the BB's i've read so far. And while I haven't read all of them- chances are I'm not going to find one better.

I can in no way express how brilliant this story is. So go and read it and tell her how amazing it is- because she deserves it.

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Just a little ditty that popped into my head while re-watching the Pilot.

Rating: PG-13, for themes.
Paring: Sam/Jess.
Summary: without one thing in place, the system won’t work and something might get through.


1.01 thought fic. )
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Since I'm in Aus, I had to download it (and try finding a suitable one easily), so i've just seen it. 

spoilers under the cut )

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A Supernatural ficlet.

Title: Your heart is not able.
Rating: M, for dark themes.
Parings: Mild Sam/Dean.
Warnings: character death, allusions to mental illness.
A/N: Nothing particularly explicit, but definently implied. A bit dark and twisted, and I can kinda imagine a bit of insanity. Sort of set after 3x16, but isn't intended as that, so it's also an AU. Title from The Killers: My list. It served not only as inspiration but also as a soundtrack. Beautiful emtionally tortured song.


    His fingers trail along warm skin and he smiles as the muscles twitches slightly with the stimulation. He licks gently over his brother’s hip, tracing the dent of bone and savouring the slight tang of gunpowder that is all Dean. He wants to suck on the hip joint, thinking that maybe, if he sucks hard enough, the blood will rise and leave a mark. Sam was here. It’s fitting, since Dean has always been Sam’s, though maybe not always in this way.

    He breathes into Dean’s navel and ghosts his mouth along his sternum. He murmurs into Dean’s neck and traces patterns along his brother’s forehead, jaw, shoulder and the palms of his hands. It seems almost impossible that he is here now, mapping the dips and ridges of Dean’s skin with his fingertips and burning the shape of Dean into his mind. It seems almost impossible that Dean isn’t responding to this, the one time he has not been alert to any movement Sam makes. It seems almost impossible that Dean will never move ever again.

    It seems almost impossible that Dean died less than thirty minutes ago, life dripping away with each stuttering beat of his heart. But he isn’t cold yet, so Sam will still imagine that he will look up and Dean will smirk at him, maybe even say Sam’s name, pull him into a hug and tell him that nothing bad is gonna happen as long as I’m around and Sam shivers. He will imagine until it actually happens. He will make it happen.

    Later, when the room is cold and Sam is cold and Dean is cold, he will march right into Hell and drag Dean all the way back home, to Sam. Until then, he will wrap himself around Dean and keep him warm. And long after the sun rises, Sam will whisper how much he loves Dean, how sorry he is he couldn’t save him, and how he doesn’t know what to do without him. Doesn’t know what he will become without him.

    Until then, Sam’s heart will beat for the both of them.


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