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There are some truly amazing people participating in this year's bigbang. I'M SO EXCITED. AND AND AND THOUGH SOME OF THEM WILL BE POSTED IN THE WEEKS BEFORE MY EXAMS, THE MAJORITY OF THEM WILL BE POSTED AFTER EXAMS, DURING THE HOLIDAYS! Where I will have a fuckload of time to read and read and read because I'm a loser who has no other plans.

But I can totally accept loser status. BECAUSE IT'S BIGBANG.

But I have so much to catch up on- I haven't even finished last years list!

Also, I have to submit something for springfling tomorrow. *GAH*
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-I have a new icon :D. It's actually two new icons, but the other one gets reserved for special occasions.

-I'm sick. It's half chest cold, half regular cold. My voice keeps coming in and out (which was hilarious in a works-in-a-restaurant situation) and my throat hurts- but not because it's a sore throat... it's because I'm ripping the flesh off my trachea every time I cough. At least I don't have a fever anymore.

-I have one essay (with minimum ten sources) due at the end of the week, a two hour multiple-choice exam I haven't really started studying for (I have, but I haven't) in two days and another assessment I need to gather notes for due SOMETIME in the next fortnight. I should double check on that. On top of that, Big Bang still needs to be written, or I'll be dropping out.



Mar. 20th, 2010 05:30 pm
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I have like, ZERO motivation to write my Big Bang. It's worrisome. I even have a plot now! Which is awesome since I didn't have one a month ago, just a general idea... but it still just does not want to come together.

Perhaps I'm listening to the wrong music- I'm putting together a playlist to help with the angsty creative flow that is needed for this monster, but to do that, I kind of need to listen to every single song on my computer (which is 1776 songs... yep. for realz) which I needed to do anyway because I've never actually listened to about half the songs on there. I kind of just add them and then don't see what they're about. So, upbeat, happy and or techno probably isn't the best writing environment, but all the other times I've tried with the right music, I've stared at the screen for half an hour, and then gotten myself some yoghurt.

Sigh. I just want to be able to do this. To get it done (by the deadline) and say I acheived it. But alas. I cry.
Oh Big Bang, why do you not want to be written?
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I'm like, 500 words into my bigbang, and it's halfway dead. Sigh. But I can't do too much on it until my dad brings back home his documents on schizophrenia symptoms. Apparently, all his articles are at work, and we have no other books on it at home, and I don't trust the internet for more than cursory research on the matter. I tried looking in my universities' database, but they had no electronic journals/articles availiable. Go figure.

And life is stupid in general. I'm so unbelievably exhausted.

photos!! for the meme. under the cut cause there's three days worth! )
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So I signed up.

Oh, Christ...

On another note, I'm almost finished an original fiction that was for a Notebook in Hand challenge, but couldn't finish on time, so it should be posted within the next few days. Fingers crossed.
And my moods have been all over the place. Part of it is exhaustion- I've been working six out of seven nights for the past two weeks and it's just taking it's toll- I was so tired yesterday I cried because my mother didn't tell me she was coming home instead of going out. Yeah, I know.
And I found out recently that my best friend from uni isn't coming back this year because she needs to work so once it starts back up I have to go through the whole "making friends" process all over again.

And today has just been waay to hot. Over 40 degrees celsius, which translates to 104 degrees Farenheit. It's insane. It's now nearly eight o'clock pm, and though the temperature has dropped, there are cold things I still need: I have one ice cold cloth draped over each leg, another ice cold cloth alternating between my stomach and the back of my neck, and an ice pack tucked in under my bra clasp. I'm melting.



The munchkins would be pleased.  


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