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6203 words
Gen AU/ R.
Warnings for temporary character death and foul language.
Disclaimer: only the original character is mine. wishful thinking does not create ownership.

Author’s notes:
Finally finished after what I think has been a year. An interruption to “flow” triggered a severe writer’s block on the character, and I hope it doesn’t show through because there was a time there that the voice was very much dissociated from the original. I began writing it just after episode 4.10 aired, thus the mention of deceased characters as if they were still around- and character’s alliances. I didn’t feel it would work if I eliminated characters because of their canon demise, and similarly with location differences in regards to the final seal. So it’s very much AU.
A/N 2: The title is from Revelations- the 144,000 people were servants of God from the twelve tribes of Israel, and were protected from the destruction of the earth by a seal marked on their foreheads.
A/N 3: Regarding grammar and spelling. The blatant misuse of correct spelling and grammar in some places is necessary for the character's voice, but if something really isn't right beyond that please let me know.

Summary: Where was I? Ah right, we're all going batshit crazy in the same house 'cause we lived through the end of days. An Outsider’s point of view on the apocalypse, the Winchesters, and how one night of death can make all the difference in surviving.

Dedicated to[info]mimblexwimble.

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