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lemanya: (Sam and Dean)

2163 words.
R, Gen.
Sam, Dean, various OC's.
 Anything recognisable is not mine in the least.
A/N: A whole hell of a lot of months ago, [livejournal.com profile] paxlux  asked for fic based on a picture. So I wrote it. Title from Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Summary: Nobody’s sure how it started, can’t quite recall whether or not there was a man with a glint in his eye and a gas can in his hands, but it’s not long after that the motel closes down, the owner packs his bags and moves away, and this stretch of highway is avoided. Even less time after that the local council approves the development of a bypass, and now you only drive down that stretch of old highway if you haven’t heard the stories. So listen up.

a little walk to the edge of town )

lemanya: (Sam and Dean)

4,488 words.
PG-13, Gen.
Sam, Dean, OFC, Wee!chester.
Anything recognisable does not belong to me.
A/N: To celebrate my birthday, I'm posting fic. Enjoy.

December Jones sits on the front porch, chalk in one hand and paper doll in the other. Inside, the television blares midday self-help programs but no one listens. Chalk dust kisses the wood and blankets her fingers, pale pink, blue, yellow and white. It’s wedged under her nails and she doesn’t think it’ll ever come out. Across the road, the house come alive, breathes light and bright and a boy waves at her from the passenger door of a big black car. 

January Sun. )

Comments are always appreciated  :)
lemanya: (WWBD)
Pg-13. Gen.
Very Bad Language.
1708 Words
Set during S3

A/N: Inspired by the line "get some sleep Sammy" and the song I'll stand by you. I'm still not sure how it happened since this really has nothing to do with the song at all. The song came on, this popped into my head and I had to get my friend to pull the car over so I could get my notebook out of the back.
Disclaimer: Anything recognisable is very evidently NOT mine to own.

Summary: I’m going to do everything I can to keep you safe. And that includes getting ancient letters magically scripted into your ass.


The Impala Chronicles: Or, Why Dean's An Awesome Brother And Got Those Damn Runes Tattooed On Sam In The First Place.  ) 

lemanya: (the writer is in)
Rating: R. Hard R. This is... disturbing. To say the least.
Words: 2139
Warnings: Mentions of murder, suicide and paedophilia, implied abortion.

A/N: Written for the Notebook In Hand competition for the prompt Ten. Was meant to be between 200 and 2000 words (not exceeding), but I didn't make the deadline (so didn't submit), and kind of luckily, because I went over the limit.
A/N2: Inspired by The Keeper by Sarah Langan and Franz Kafka's writing, in particular The Metamorphosis. This is without a doubt the most horrid and creepy thing I've ever written.

Summary: The whisper echoes inside her mind. Never let the secrets go. It's the most important thing she'll ever learn.


Ten Little Children. )


lemanya: (Sam and Dean)
For [info]spn_30snapshots , prompt 08: summer.
Sam and Dean, gen, preseries (teenage).
1000 words (exactly)
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing in an existing sandpit.

Summary: Not every day's an adventure. Sometimes, it's just them in the front yard waiting for the storm to roll in.

Southern Summer Rain. )


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6203 words
Gen AU/ R.
Warnings for temporary character death and foul language.
Disclaimer: only the original character is mine. wishful thinking does not create ownership.

Author’s notes:
Finally finished after what I think has been a year. An interruption to “flow” triggered a severe writer’s block on the character, and I hope it doesn’t show through because there was a time there that the voice was very much dissociated from the original. I began writing it just after episode 4.10 aired, thus the mention of deceased characters as if they were still around- and character’s alliances. I didn’t feel it would work if I eliminated characters because of their canon demise, and similarly with location differences in regards to the final seal. So it’s very much AU.
A/N 2: The title is from Revelations- the 144,000 people were servants of God from the twelve tribes of Israel, and were protected from the destruction of the earth by a seal marked on their foreheads.
A/N 3: Regarding grammar and spelling. The blatant misuse of correct spelling and grammar in some places is necessary for the character's voice, but if something really isn't right beyond that please let me know.

Summary: Where was I? Ah right, we're all going batshit crazy in the same house 'cause we lived through the end of days. An Outsider’s point of view on the apocalypse, the Winchesters, and how one night of death can make all the difference in surviving.

Dedicated to[info]mimblexwimble.

Ah shit, sorry, didn't mean to step on you )

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For snapshot challenge: Prompt: myth
Pre-series and Pilot.
1057 words.
Notes: This was going to be a highly dramatic piece of work detailing the enigma that is the Winchester boys, you know- how they’re the stuff of legends that myths are formed from. Instead, the Jess voice waltzed in and made herself at home. This came out. I like it though. So enjoy. Set pre-series and Pilot. Also, I have no idea which animal’s DNA is the polar opposite of human, but turtles seem a pretty good bet.

She met him second semester in a class she signed up for in order to get easy extra credit. American Folklore.
Jessica Moore on Sam Winchester, with a side serving on all his little secrets- including Dean.

Being Jessica )

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For spn_30 snapshots.

prompt 11 on my table.

11. I believe Icarus was not failing as he fell/ But just coming to the end of his triumph.

R, 203 words, Post season 4 and slightly blasphemous.



Redemption is just another ten letter word. )
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I always get such an adrenaline rush when I finish a fiction. :D
Five things.
Rating: PG-13; Gen.
Characters: Dean, John, and a bit of Sam (with a side mention of Jess and an OMC and OFC)
Words: 955
Warnings: mention of character death. spoilers only if you haven't seen up to 2.01.
A/N: Mostly pre-series. One of those "five things person 'A' knew about..." kind of thing. I guess you could say the whole title is Five things John never realised Dean knew. Anyway.
Disclaimer: I'm such a good girl, but Santa as never brought me them to claim as my own.

Summary: Dean knows his father. As well as he knows Sam. John never knew that.



Five things. )

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Just a little ditty that popped into my head while re-watching the Pilot.

Rating: PG-13, for themes.
Paring: Sam/Jess.
Summary: without one thing in place, the system won’t work and something might get through.


1.01 thought fic. )
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So, I wrote a little fic set just after 4.14 called Games. It was rubbish, so I re-wrote it. It isn't that much better in my opinion, and I think I'm going to go back and do another re-edit on it, and fix it up a little more cause I'm not happy with it, but I'm happy enough with it that I'm sending it out. And besides, I'm tired.

Title: Games.
Rating: PG-13. There's a bit of language. Additionally, it's Gen. There's no romance whatsoever.
Characters: Sam (centric), with mentions of Dean, Ruby, the angels and the demons.
A/N: Set not long after season 4 begins, with slight spoiler for 4.16. Feedback is liked, but since I'm doing another edit on it sometime soon, I don't know how useful it will be. But I am sensitive, so harsh critiques I can take as long as they're given as nicely as possible.
A/N2: Was written with several theories in mind about Ruby's position and Sam's frame of mind. Starts on the right side of the page. Slightly post-modern in form.

Games. )


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