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So, I'm not as proud of this as I was for the success of my mini cheesecakes, but I kind of love how these babies turned out, so have a picture:

They're for Valentine's Day, for the incoming guests at the Guest House I'm working at. The squiggle hearts and blurt hearts (named due to how I made them) are a mild chilli dark/milk mix, and the swirled ball-thingies contain a cinnamon/nutmeg (and a dash of paprika and vanilla essence) spiced chocolate ganache.

Now I just have to wrap them up in red cellophane, keep 'em in a fridge, and set them out with a short note :)


May. 19th, 2011 09:51 pm
lemanya: (Elizabeth)

You may be wondering why two days in a row I posted some inane little story about something in my day, and then suddenly didn't. Well, the answer to the first part of the question is much more interesting than the second, so I'll start off with why there have been no more.

It's simply because I didn't have a story. I started one about roadworks, and then today I was drafting one up about the backburning that's currently going on in my area, but they both were going nowhere, so I didn't finish them.

But Lemanya, why did you do them in the first place?

Well flist, it's because I've decided that they're going to be my new 'get happier' campaign. Because I'm not a happy person, and there's a lot of things I don't like about myself, and I focus too much and too long on all the negatives, but fell like a douche and a wierdo when I try and think about all the positives.

But this, the inane storytelling about things in my life, I can do. I can talk about the things I'm happy to talk about, laugh at myself when I have complete stupid moments and occasionally, I may bitch and complain, but I hope I only manage to do it in a witty way.

In other words, I'm going to blog, and it's going to make me better.

And with any luck, it'll set a spark wire to the writing bug's backside and electrocute it  into action. I miss writing.

And on another note, I bought new pillows, which I have been needing for months. My neck hurts from bad pillows.

See? I'm on a happy health bender!
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I was at the supermarket today (buying things, not just hanging out) and part of what I needed to get, were pecan pieces.

Now, part of me is already going 'can't you just say "pecans" and then have an instruction to crush them?', because buying pecan pieces already pre-packaged is kind of really lazy. Something I'd totally still buy, just so I don't have to crush them myself, but it's lazy.

In which I get sidetracked by almonds, forget pasta, and manage to locate pecans. )
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In a really non-scary roundabout kind of way.

So my dad was up on our roof this morning when I woke up. I managed to figure that out pretty quickly, and thank god, because lying in bed and hearing thumping from above isn't the most comforting way to wake up. Especially since it's a monday, and that meant my dad should have been at work (and come to think about it, I never ended up asking why he was home).

This is why coffee was invented. )

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[Error: unknown template qotd]the great escape- boys like girls
london bombs- eskimo joe
cancer- my chemical romance
down on the corner- creedence clearwater revival
sweet sacrifice- evanescence
how to save a life- the fray
stronger- kanye west
everything- lifehouse
someday never comes- creedence clearwater revival
they weren't there- missy higgins
house of wolves- my chemical romance
wonderwall- oasis
and every single short stack song.


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