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755 Words 
Dean centric with OMC, Dean/Sam (implied)
Warnings: Slash themes, serial killer tendencies.
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots, prompt blood. A kind of prequel to What You Do Best.

Summary: See, Dean likes girls and guns- so taking a knife to a guy is a little out of his element. But, he'll do it anyway, 'cause he's gotta teach Sam a lesson after all.


Stop it, Now )


lemanya: (Sam and Dean)
For [info]spn_30snapshots , prompt 08: summer.
Sam and Dean, gen, preseries (teenage).
1000 words (exactly)
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing in an existing sandpit.

Summary: Not every day's an adventure. Sometimes, it's just them in the front yard waiting for the storm to roll in.

Southern Summer Rain. )


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For [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots , prompt 30: the mermaids singing.
OFC, Sam/Dean (Mild though).
530 words
Warnings for bad language, slash themes and psychosis. And character death, but not major.

Disclaimer: Not mine, cept for the girl.

A/N: Title from Val McDermid's The Torment of Others, which is part of the Tony Hill Series of books in which The Mermaids Singing is the first. And yes, that's where I picked my prompt from. Title essentially from this: And then you'll be back out there, doing what you've discovered you do best. Kiling women.
A/N 2: I'm still not entirely happy with it.
A/N 3: I'm terribly terrible with author's notes. But I wanted to mention that originally, this one came after two other stories that I suppose, were going to be a serial killer 'verse kind of thing. But this one, despite my posting plans, is the only one that's even remotely ready to be posted, and I was kind of sick of hanging on to it while waiting for the other two to be done. So it's coming out first.

Summary: Dean likes the girls- a lot. Sam just likes watching Dean have his fun.

What You Do Best. )
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For snapshot challenge: Prompt: myth
Pre-series and Pilot.
1057 words.
Notes: This was going to be a highly dramatic piece of work detailing the enigma that is the Winchester boys, you know- how they’re the stuff of legends that myths are formed from. Instead, the Jess voice waltzed in and made herself at home. This came out. I like it though. So enjoy. Set pre-series and Pilot. Also, I have no idea which animal’s DNA is the polar opposite of human, but turtles seem a pretty good bet.

She met him second semester in a class she signed up for in order to get easy extra credit. American Folklore.
Jessica Moore on Sam Winchester, with a side serving on all his little secrets- including Dean.

Being Jessica )

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For spn_30 snapshots.

prompt 11 on my table.

11. I believe Icarus was not failing as he fell/ But just coming to the end of his triumph.

R, 203 words, Post season 4 and slightly blasphemous.



Redemption is just another ten letter word. )
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For [info]spn_30snapshots challenge.

My prompt table :)

under the cut )



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