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1. Did you know I have zero RL friends on LJ? Talk about a secret life...

2. I'm working on some new stuff. But it's slow going. Which is related to...

3. My mind feels a little drugged lately. If I'm not tired/sleeping I'm either at Uni or working, so there's this permanent kind of state where I feel so out of it. My brain just isn't functioning, not even for the normal things- let alone creative things.

4. This semester, I'm taking three psychology classes and one Writing class. The level of talent in this class is very dubious (as was noted by a conversation with a classmate [who complimented my work when I read it out loud!]), and it's obvious that they've really come to learn stuff rather than have a bit of fun writing stuff. Which reminds me that I have to have a first draft done by the end of the week...

The assignment (1000 words, fiction) isn't due till the following week, but every class contains this element of 'workshopping', which basically we read out our work to the class. This week we're meant to have a draft finished, cause the entire two and a half hours of time is dedicated to an editing kind of workshop on each other's works.

Which reminds me. Should I post up the stuff I've written with the class?

5. I'm sick of meeting guys, particularly good looking guys, and finding out they've got girlfriends. And then there was those two memorable times that yes, they were gay, you may end all hope now.
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TODAY (since it is officially Saturday 21st where I am)...

I go to vote in my new government. It's a choice between the woman who seems to rely on autocues and snuck in at Prime Minister's spot or the man who looks like a primate and complains like a 3 year old (for real, all he does is bitch and whine). Adn he's an idiot. My god. I suppose most politicians are (is it a requirement or something?) but Tony Abbot takes the cake. And eats it all, and then attempts to say there was no cake while the crumbs are still sticking to his shirt collars.

I care very little for politics. The extent of my caring is "I may as well make my vote count, or I'll risk the greater of two evils becoming my leader" (and everytime I think that I'm reminded of 'I do not want Schlongbottom as my champion!').


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