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That is, only the personal stuff may possibly be f-locked.

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For easy access. :)

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My dearest Holly,

Today we packed up your things - your toys and blankets and bed, and my heart broke all over again.

It's been only two days since you unexpectedly passed, and tomorrow will mark the first morning that I wake up and you won't be sleeping curled up against me. I think it might be the hardest day I will face since losing you.

For those reading this, my much loved dog, Holly suffered a sudden major seizure on Friday evening and never recovered. She passed away in our arms shortly after. She would have been 17 in December and while we knew she wouldn't be with us much longer, she had never seized before and was responding incredibly well the the medication we had her on for renal failure. All signs pointed to a few more months, not a sudden loss.

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May. 5th, 2015 11:56 pm
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I'm thinking of going to the AHBL convention this year, partially because I promised myself I would if J2 ever came back to it, but I literally know no one in Aus/Sydney that is also going and my anxiety is skyrocketing at the thought of being by myself in a crowded convention.

So, flist, I would love it if you knew any awesomesauce people based in the Sydney area (or outside of it if they are going to the con anyway) I could get in touch with.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] dreamflower02 at Warning: someone is fishing in LJ waters...
I got this warning through [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants. Apparently a website has cropped up that is trawling through LJ, looking for anything tagged fanfic, and then reposting it WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Here is a link: http://www.donotlink.com/framed?561309

The link diverts you from the original. It takes you to a separate page that will not show up on search engines, in order to defeat the thief's purpose of attracting search engines. (The site is full of advertising.) But as you can see, a lot of people have been complaining.

I don't know if any of my friends may have been victimized, but there's a Complaint Page, which you can go to and make him take your stuff down.

I don't have time right now to see if he's lifted any of my stories, but I will be checking as soon as I can.

(And I'm using my fanfic tag so if he steals this entry he won't be getting any real fanfic, LOL!)
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What up, flist? Loooooong time no speak.

As decided by the community, today is 'post something random in your journal day', as a way of saying this a community site, and we like it that way!

So without further ado, I announce that in less than two weeks time, I'm going overseas!!!! This is pretty big for me, I've only been interstate and never via plane, and I'm about to spend a month in several foreign countries. I won't lie, I'm freaking out just a touch *pulls out hair*.

I will be in London for a few days, meeting up with my sister who is about to end her living there for the past two years and then we're going on to Egypt, Italy and Greece.

I don't know how to end this. HAPPY RANDOM POST DAY!
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Some quick images (not mine) about the current bushfires.
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Things that happened in the last however many months:

I dropped out of uni (accidentally, through a series of misunderstandings and me not being bothered to fix them), and I feel so much happier for it.

I'm working (technically casual, but it's like a 35-40 hour work week) as the front desk of a guest house in my local area. I'm also doubling as the manager-during-the-week. It's pretty awesome, and I love it for the most part, since I kinda really don't like other people.

I've moved out of home!!!!! For the first time in my life I am not living with my parents. It feels pretty great, because for a while there I was feeling like I couldn't live there any more. My parents and I get on great, but I really needed this move. I don't yet have internet at my new house, so I'm leeching off the work wifi when I can. I'm hoping that without internet, I may write a little more, rather than read all the time.

Got myself a new batch of friends, to replace the ones that seem to have forgotten I exist, and was once a friend.

And finally, and the main reason that I haven't written anything, posted, commented on stories or journal entries even though I've read them, is that for all I'm at my happiest and most content than I have been in a while, my mood is on a real down. Like, depression episode down. Zero motivation, want-to-be-on-happy-making-meds down. (Also, I didn't like my springfling submission [though thank you so much to the people who did like it!] so I haven't posted it here.)

It really, truly sucks. So it'll probably be a few months till you next hear from me (in fact, it'll probably be November, since I signed up for and shall resurface for reversebang again) because I'm still getting over my best friends abandoning me.
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I've been meaning to sign up for the 100 things meme for weeks now, but didn't know what the hell I was going to do. Anyway, it finally occured to me.

100 things: a blogging challenge )
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If you haven't seen it yet- GO NOW.

[livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream has done it again and made the most fantastic SPN video. Seriously, it's haunting and beautiful and perfectly cut together, contrasted beautifully with an almost monotonous spoken poem (2 poems actually).

It reminds you that beneath all the pain and despair and hurt, there's a heart and strength and love to the Winchesters that defies everything that is thrown at them.

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So, I'm not as proud of this as I was for the success of my mini cheesecakes, but I kind of love how these babies turned out, so have a picture:

They're for Valentine's Day, for the incoming guests at the Guest House I'm working at. The squiggle hearts and blurt hearts (named due to how I made them) are a mild chilli dark/milk mix, and the swirled ball-thingies contain a cinnamon/nutmeg (and a dash of paprika and vanilla essence) spiced chocolate ganache.

Now I just have to wrap them up in red cellophane, keep 'em in a fridge, and set them out with a short note :)

okay, so

Jan. 18th, 2012 10:53 pm
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I want to do bigbang this year. I've decided that I will sign up. but I haven't yet, because I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT TO WRITE.

I have been thinking about it non-stop, and nothing. Zilch.

So, I want prompts. Comment, or PM. Can be anything. Single words, sentences, quotes, pictures/art, plotpoints etc. If anything gets me going, that'll be my choice.

I am leaning towards RPF rather than SPN, just so you know.

art query

Jan. 10th, 2012 03:42 pm
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Does anybody know if anyone's made any calendars for 2012. SPN/J2 themed, that is. I was keeping an eye out at the end of last year but didn't see any pop up.

If you know of any, point the way :D


Jan. 8th, 2012 07:40 pm
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50 reasons to have sex fic fest


uh huh


Jan. 6th, 2012 11:20 pm
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So, I might only be like, 200 words in, but [livejournal.com profile] candygramme's Murder by Space is totally worth the rec. Really.

I mean I was planning on reccing it when I got to a hundred words in, but there's an Importance of Being Earnest reference being made, and I cracked.

It's like, space noir, only funnier. And with J2. So go, read. Now.

vid rec!

Dec. 29th, 2011 07:56 pm
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In all honesty, I could rec [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream's vids every single time a post goes up, she's that amazing and creative. But this is extra special. This is one of those vids that nearly makes you cry (or hell, you might) because it reminds you just how tangled up in each other the Winchester's are- how being brothers trumps everything.

So go, watch!
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Both on my flist and not on it yet, Merry Christmas, and Season's Greetings. It's a little over two hours until Christmas day, and I'm half drunk and about to pass out thanks to my work Christmas party, but I hope you enjoy your holidays and welcome the New Year in with style!

And may 2012 not be the zombie apocalypse we're all expecting, but much more laid-back and easy going :)

Then again, a zombie apocalypse would save me from having to do stuff this year. Oh, mutated virus/end-of-the-world insanity, wherefore art thou?

(And yes, I'm well aware the apocalypse is happening at the end of 2012... doesn't mean I can't hope ;) )


Oh and finally, for those who were waiting on Christmas cards, I hope they got to you. I still haven't received anything, so I'm hoping that the kerfuffle of a 2010 posting issue isn't happening again.

Much love.
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And so very little time.

I mean, I still have big bangs saved from LAST YEAR to read through. It's because fandom is just too awesome, producing a million awesome things a day.

It's hurts, when I see goodies to read and all I can do is click "add to favourites". In my defence, I'm starting up training at my new job, while still working my old job and battling my sleep problems.


Also, I just typed all that in the HTML window, and spent all that time wondering why the hell my font was wonky and where the hell my option buttons were :\

And my uni results are released in the morning. /o\


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