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2,346 words
Jared/Jensen high-school aged AU,
Rated and warnings: R, for mentions of abuse, bad language and mild description of a panic attack.
Disclaimer: Anyone you recognise is not mine, they never were.

A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] expectative over at the [livejournal.com profile] spnspringfling challenge, with the prompt: leave tonight or live and die this way. This is not my first J2 ever to be written. It is, however, the first J2 to be completed and posted anywhere. This calls for celebration I think.

Starting from Zero )



Aug. 15th, 2010 08:05 pm
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Personal Effects by [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedliz . NC-17, RPS- J2AU, 16,000+ Words.

Summary: Jensen is deaf and has been struggling to connect with other people all his life, even more so in the wake of his beloved dad's death. Jared is struggling to cope following the murder of his twin sister. Grief brings them together, binds them tight and gives two teenaged boys hope where before they only had their anger. That is until a dangerous misunderstanding threatens to shatter their future together.

It's just absolutely beautiful. I cried all throughout the second part (and a little bit of the first).
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755 Words 
Dean centric with OMC, Dean/Sam (implied)
Warnings: Slash themes, serial killer tendencies.
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots, prompt blood. A kind of prequel to What You Do Best.

Summary: See, Dean likes girls and guns- so taking a knife to a guy is a little out of his element. But, he'll do it anyway, 'cause he's gotta teach Sam a lesson after all.


Stop it, Now )


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For [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots , prompt 30: the mermaids singing.
OFC, Sam/Dean (Mild though).
530 words
Warnings for bad language, slash themes and psychosis. And character death, but not major.

Disclaimer: Not mine, cept for the girl.

A/N: Title from Val McDermid's The Torment of Others, which is part of the Tony Hill Series of books in which The Mermaids Singing is the first. And yes, that's where I picked my prompt from. Title essentially from this: And then you'll be back out there, doing what you've discovered you do best. Kiling women.
A/N 2: I'm still not entirely happy with it.
A/N 3: I'm terribly terrible with author's notes. But I wanted to mention that originally, this one came after two other stories that I suppose, were going to be a serial killer 'verse kind of thing. But this one, despite my posting plans, is the only one that's even remotely ready to be posted, and I was kind of sick of hanging on to it while waiting for the other two to be done. So it's coming out first.

Summary: Dean likes the girls- a lot. Sam just likes watching Dean have his fun.

What You Do Best. )
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A Supernatural ficlet.

Title: Your heart is not able.
Rating: M, for dark themes.
Parings: Mild Sam/Dean.
Warnings: character death, allusions to mental illness.
A/N: Nothing particularly explicit, but definently implied. A bit dark and twisted, and I can kinda imagine a bit of insanity. Sort of set after 3x16, but isn't intended as that, so it's also an AU. Title from The Killers: My list. It served not only as inspiration but also as a soundtrack. Beautiful emtionally tortured song.


    His fingers trail along warm skin and he smiles as the muscles twitches slightly with the stimulation. He licks gently over his brother’s hip, tracing the dent of bone and savouring the slight tang of gunpowder that is all Dean. He wants to suck on the hip joint, thinking that maybe, if he sucks hard enough, the blood will rise and leave a mark. Sam was here. It’s fitting, since Dean has always been Sam’s, though maybe not always in this way.

    He breathes into Dean’s navel and ghosts his mouth along his sternum. He murmurs into Dean’s neck and traces patterns along his brother’s forehead, jaw, shoulder and the palms of his hands. It seems almost impossible that he is here now, mapping the dips and ridges of Dean’s skin with his fingertips and burning the shape of Dean into his mind. It seems almost impossible that Dean isn’t responding to this, the one time he has not been alert to any movement Sam makes. It seems almost impossible that Dean will never move ever again.

    It seems almost impossible that Dean died less than thirty minutes ago, life dripping away with each stuttering beat of his heart. But he isn’t cold yet, so Sam will still imagine that he will look up and Dean will smirk at him, maybe even say Sam’s name, pull him into a hug and tell him that nothing bad is gonna happen as long as I’m around and Sam shivers. He will imagine until it actually happens. He will make it happen.

    Later, when the room is cold and Sam is cold and Dean is cold, he will march right into Hell and drag Dean all the way back home, to Sam. Until then, he will wrap himself around Dean and keep him warm. And long after the sun rises, Sam will whisper how much he loves Dean, how sorry he is he couldn’t save him, and how he doesn’t know what to do without him. Doesn’t know what he will become without him.

    Until then, Sam’s heart will beat for the both of them.


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